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I'm not the one you wished for
I'm not the one you chose
But no matter what I'm the one
Who's always there for you

But you took my kindness
And smeared my name
Dragging it down the alley
And fucking it like a whore

Is this all I am to you?
All that I have done for you...
Is it for not?
What could happen

What if I had left you there
Crying on the city street?
What if I had never welcomed
You into my home?

Would you be the same
As you are today?
The one who stole my heart
Only to give it away?

You took my pride and crushed it
Shattering it to bits.
Following with my dignity
Which you ripped to shreds.

Is this all I am to you?
A silly little whore?
One that you can fuck all day
Or forevermore?

Is this all I am worth?
Not even getting away...
I still love you more and more
With each new dying day

But this pain I cannot stand
Which is why you're here
Crying as you're dying now
With my silver scissors...

But alone you come back to me
Begging pleading me to stay
But now you lay here dying
As I laugh away

You are worthless to me
Though I scream it out
We both know it's not true
Because within my heart we know...

I know....
That it still yearns for you...

But soon you will be cold and dead
Dying on my floor
As i put it to my head
And pull it once more

No one knows our silly tale
For thats all that remains
For in our little dying days
You're the one that remains
Still three o'clock and cant sleep
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January 1, 2013
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